Michael Seibert is a five-time Ice Dancing Champion, World Bronze Medalist and two-time Olympian. He won an Emmy for choreographing Stars on Ice, a production he co-directed and choreographed for twelve years, among many other international television specials.

His interest in design and an eye for placement, whether moving bodies or static furniture, brought him to work in the world of interiors. Midway through his career, he discovered that the skills he had developed creating and directing a large touring show are transferable to building and decorating a home. Understanding the needs of craftspeople, schedules, budgets and keeping an overall vision with an eye for detail has been the key to his success. It was necessity that drove him to act as the general contractor on his first home but the results confirmed an interest and passion that continues today.

Michael's most recent work uses modern concepts and materials, while avoiding the coldness so often associated with contemporary design. As he evolves his design philosophies and styles he continues to discover new craftsmen and new technologies, uniting them all with an understanding for the way we live now.